Direction of Education

27 Apr

During this semester, I have earned an experience that includes communication, collaboration, and creativity. As I have told many before, AP Government was not my first online class. However, it was my first full semester with a teacher I have never met. Unlike some students, I came into the class with an upper hand, because I had experience with programs such as Google docs, Voicethread, and Haiku. However, I was still learning with programs such as Vimeo and WordPress, which was cool to be introduced to.

One of about 6 Voicethreads that I made during this class.

For our online class each month, we filled out a survey that I never thought people actually looked at. However, I filled out the survey, and I made a suggestion to do a group project with three or more people. Then the next week, we had a new assignment. Surprise! I was in a group with three others, and we had to create an electoral system. By being in a big group, I was able to communicate with girls who I had not before. In addition, I learned that many girls in my class were independent and forward thinkers. Because I was the only junior, I felt like I was lacking knowledge that they had, but they made sure to not let me feel that way.

The project was divided among class members, and we met weekly for discussions on Skype. Because this project had a key leader, we were given responsibilities and tasks to stay organized. Though I was not the leader in this project, it prepared me to be a leader in another. The next week after finishing the electoral system, I started a project in my normal school that required creating a wiki page and video with students from other classes. In fellow classmates’ minds, this task was daunting. However, in my mind because I was able to do a project similar to this with girls thousands of miles away, this project was a piece of cake. By taking examples from my online class, I set due dates, jobs, and started early on the project. What students learn online can be used in everyday school.

Process of making imovie with English class.

In my city, it is now a graduation requirement to take an online class. I understand the importance of trying out online classes, because opportunities that arrive with taking an online class are countless. One of my favorites is the ability to meet students around the US. Also, we met a teacher who has his own style with educating using technology. We use the Internet for information, so it makes sense to take classes online.

With the planning of next year’s classes, I am looking forward to taking another online class. My next adventure is with AP Macroeconomics. Hopefully, I will have a similar experience like with this class. Because the AP exam is in the near future, I have already started preparing. What I like about online classes is that you have so many resources for information. I can use the prep AP book I bought or review with online study guides or watch the videos of lectures. The choices are endless. But I have noticed through my studying is that I remember a lot of what we learned easily. I do not know if it is because of the videos, discussions, or reading web pages, but it worked. I’m looking forward to my exam and to finishing the class off strong.


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2 responses to “Direction of Education

  1. Josephine Evans

    April 30, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    dbambi, i rely liked how you shared how it felt to be in a class with older people. what was your favorite part about taking a class online? was it harder or easier than one at a school? where do you live and what school do you go to? I also enjoyed how you siad why you like online classes, my sister is considering taking an online sign language class. another thing, what is Macroeconomics? does it have anything to do Macro invertebrates? I really liked it,
    Josephine Evans

    • dbambi

      May 4, 2012 at 11:57 am

      Hey Josephine, my favorite parts of online classes are that you can turn assignments in when it best works for you and meeting people around the country. In my school, government is offered as a honors cours that is combined with economics, which is not what I wanted. It is awesome that your sister is considering a online sign language class because that is very visual, and it would be reasonable online. To answer your last question, Macroeconomics is a economics class on things such as supply and demand and how a consumer affects the economy. I want to be a business major, and yet again my school as no class like this one. Thanks for reading and commenting, and I wish your sister good luck on her endeavors!


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