The Final Days

30 Apr

Overall, AP GOV has been a very positive experience. It was amazing how this online course not only taught me how to communicate over distances, but also work independently. The latter of the subjects has been fairly ignored in my previous blogs because I did not realize just how much AP Gov has taught me in independence until I sat down a couple of weeks ago to begin planning my study tactics for the upcoming exam. I have never been one to excel in time management, but in a school environment where you have class everyday scheduling has really never been necessary for me. However, when I began going to class online through the Online School for Girls, I found that it was time to pull out my planner. These next four weeks will be filled with tests for me ranging from SAT Subject Tests, APs, and Finals. Without the planning skills I have taken from this class, I could easily lose track of what I need to be studying and forget to balance my test preparation with schoolwork.

A Montessori Classroom

From preschool to sixth grade, I attended Montessori Schools, which emphasized the notion of working on your own time. Every week, we were assigned a list of general classwork to complete and were expected to have it done by Friday. This was particularly helpful for me because I could devote one day to one subject. Over the past five years while attending a more traditional school set up I seem to have forgotten how much I prefer working on my own timeframe. I find that while creating my own plan of attack I am actually more productive. Similar to my patterns of study with my elementary school, I have also fallen into a routine that I have found convenient for AP GOV: study/read over the weekdays and complete all the assignments over the weekend. Ultimately, I think that both my elementary school experience and the online school have prepared me for college classes where we cannot expect to have many small assignments due over the course of a week.

One of the things that I have noticed about myself and many of my peers is that adding on more work, if it is within reason, motivates us to be more focused. At first, I thought that taking AP GOV would be a huge mistake because it would take attention away from my in-school classes and extracurriculars. However, as I mentioned previously, this addition in my workload has provided me with many useful lessons, rather than forcing me to compromise my time and memory capacity. Ultimately, I am very grateful that I stayed in this class to not only experience a new style of education, but also discover the study and learning tactics that work best for myself.

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One response to “The Final Days

  1. steffan123

    October 4, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    Hi Julia

    I think it is great that you noticed adding more work can be a motivator. It seems as though you made a good choice taking AP GOV. I am curious if you had any problems with more work from AP GOV taking away time from other classes?

    Great post!


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