Media Bias

04 Apr

This past week, while speaking at a democratic convention in California, President Obama commented upon the   physical appearance of California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, stating “She also happens to be, by far, the best-looking attorney general… It’s true! C’mon!”

While scrolling through different news sources today, I found this story. What struck me about it was, was the purpose of these news articles. Each news source I read containing this story, I felt that the writer had a somewhat different take on the event. We all are aware of biases in the media, however, I feel that this bias is starting to grow stronger and stronger, and different sources have a different purpose in writing their piece.

For instance, on Huffington Post, I saw an article about the Tea Party’s new “Boogie Man”. Now, I am sure each one of us is aware that Huffington Post is a liberal news outlet, especially in comparison to fox news, one of the major supporters of the Tea Party. That caused me to compare the Politics sections of both news outlets.

On each news page, I found articles criticizing politicians of the opposing party. Huffington Post was criticizing Mike Huckabee and Glen Beck, where as Fox News was criticizing Obama and Harry Reid. Seeing this I cam to a conclusion.

If all news outlets determine what “news” is by their own opinions and potentially twist the facts around to suit their own likes, no wonder it is so hard for this nation to agree and accomplish many political tasks! If we are all misinformed, it is hard to use our logic to come to the same opinion on a certain issue. Maybe it is not that we are all of a different mindset then. Therefore, with this said, I rest my case that we could accomplish a lot more as a country if we were all well-informed.

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