Boston Bombings and Stigmas

25 Apr

These last two weeks have been some of the most intense weeks in America since 9/11. The Boston bombings have taken over all media outlets. The loss of life is horrendous and the aftermath and emotional damage is worse. Watching these events take place as a high school student concerned me. When will this terrorism end? I feel as if my generation is growing up with a stigma of the Islamic culture. Yes, we are all aware of the fact that there is a bias towards anyone of Middle Eastern descent or the Muslim faith. I was in Barcelona, Spain recently and saw a group of traditionally dressed Muslim women walking. After they walked away, I realized that I had taken displeasure in seeing them. This seriously bothered me. Subconsciously, I was somewhat biased! If we all have these biases, then when will America’s relationship with the Muslim culture change? It is not okay that we are letting days pass by without learning that jihad and other types of radical ideas of the Islamic culture necessarily mean terrorism. I, in school, have studied the Islamic culture. I attend a Catholic school, and let me just address the fact that if Islam is such a violent religion, full of hatred and discrimination, I would definitely not be learning anything about it in Catholic School. Acceptance is what we all need to learn in order for this epidemic of discrimination to end.


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