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“Together or not together? That is a question”

While I am currently studying Shakespeare’s tragedy, the Hamlet, I came across the most famous line in the English literature, “To be or not to be?” You might be now asking, “Crystal, this is a blog for the AP U.S. government class; Are you in the right place?” I am definitely in the right place, because after reading that famous line, I thought about different situations that can fit into the format “….or not….”. The studying style in this class fits perfectly in this case.

As this class is an online class, I experienced the mixed feelings of actually having a class together, but sometimes having to work alone. At first, I found it hard to adjust to the way of learning in the class. I was used to going to class every day and discuss with my friends using the Harkness method. However, later on I started to appreciate the new studying style. For example, I was in love with the discussion posts that we have to do and the commenting on others’ posts. The discussion activities seemed to me less like assignments that we had to do, but rather a platform for each of us to raise our opinions and view what others hold as their thoughts on an issue. Whenever I saw people commenting on my post, no matter if the comment is agreeing or disagreeing with my opinion, I always found it beneficial to me. Do you feel the same way too, peers?

Another favorite activity that I enjoyed was court case presentations. At school, as I am taking more advanced courses, there are less opportunities for me to do group projects. The court case study in this class allowed me to experience the joy to work with others. I can still remember how each of us in the group constantly played a role as the leader, giving advice and suggestions of what and how we shall continue with the problem. I deem the difference to do a project just by communication via emails rather than face-to face work is that the success of the project relies on everyone. Each person takes an essential role, and in this case, it is extremely hard to help others finish a part in order to finish the project. Every teammate has equal responsibilities. I found the picture below aptly demonstrating my interpretation of how the best group works.


Although every seems to work individually, we are still linked together 😀

Finally, I can answer the “Together or not together” question that I raised. I truly believe that as a class studying together for more than a month, we made connections through different ways. Whether it was just a comment made on discussions, or whether it was the time when we worked as groups on the presentations through busy emailing back and forth. I look forward to studying more about U.S. government with all my amazing peers and teacher!!!

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