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Worldwide: An old relation..? or the current..?

As we move along to discuss different topics in History class, there is one that always brings up the topic on spot. China or often called People’s Republic of China is located in East Asia with world’s most populous country having population over 1.35 billion. Relations between China or Sino-American and America has officially started since the Qing dynasty in late 19th century. Their relations rose to a most tight and compact during the World War 2. China was a big supporter and an ally of the United States of America. Even though they had a close relations, the U.S.A did not recognized the China’s newly established government until 1979 when the Republic of China or the Beijing was recognized to a legitimate government system. China with most populous country while U.S.A. has the third largest population, U.S.A. having the most world’s largest economy while the China being the second; it has been always these two countries.


America and China has always received attention in world. They showed many similarites such as consisting much of population than others and also with economy wise. However there are some differences who showed a strong point or the weaknesses. When looking at the China of Cultural Revolution in 1960’s and 70’s, the China has showed the stability. They successfully avoide the collateral damage from the crisis of 2008 to 2009. Also the China has saved the rate in excess of 50% which has funded the investment of economic development and increased the foreign exchange with the savings. More importantly, the China showed a successful direct investment with foreign affairs. China productively produced their manufactures and materials or the equipment. As you know, when we go to any local markets, we are likely to see that any stuffs(toys, plates, or furnitures and etc.) are made of China. It has made the China with productive growth of economy.


America and China has built relationship since the Qing dynasty. However, the study finds that China and U.S. is growing mutual distrust between them. Americans view China with less favorable than two years ago and also the China’s attitudes has become soured toward the America which made them apart. “China’s fast-growing economy threatens jobs in a weak American economy” said the director of Pew Global Economic Attitudes in Washington. Also the education of Chineses students going to top American schools grows the worry in America because if the Chinese are estimately covers the top schools, it means that they are growing power. So it is very likely to know that old relation has made some changes because of these minor reasons. Overall, the United States was favored in the world with a median 63% to 50%. With America’s government system and a promise of personal freedom gave trust from people while China is ignoring individual freedoms.


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