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Whew! That was Close!!

As some of you may have heard, Hawaii had a close call with a tsunami that was generated by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Canada. This occurred this past weekend on Saturday October 27 where it was viewed by many people that it was an ordinary Saturday. However, it was the day of the ACT test for me. After that exhausting and excruciatingly long test, I went home and spent time with my family like any normal Saturday. None knew of the warning that would soon befall us. At about 7 in the evening, my mom and I went to grab dinner for my family, I noticed everyone diving into the gas station and that the grocery stores were extremely full. My first thought was “is it the first of the month?” but I soon found out the source of the chaos when my iPad promptly dinged an alert that said a tsunami warning had just been issued for the state of Hawaii. I was surprised and caught off guard by this because earlier that day, I had another alert saying there was no tsunami warning for Hawaii. So, when we got home, we ate dinner while I hurriedly looked up the information, which turned out to be correct, and informed my parents on the update. Thank God we went shopping! And of course my brother, put in charge of gathering clothes for him and me, proceeded to dump all the contents of his dresser into two duffle bags, including his shoes,  grabbed his surfboard, video games, and his skateboard and went to put them in the car. As my mom and I finished with the food, I went to put it in our “empty car” and was bombarded with the sight of all the things my brother owned stuffed haphazardly into the car. Oh he wasn’t happy the rest of the night. As we were leaving, the sound of the sirens was heard throughout the state of Hawaii and reminded me that this might be the last time I would ever see my home again. We waited and waited and as the clock grew near to 10:28, we grew more and more anxious.


11:00 came and went and I soon found myself asleep, or trying to sleep because of my mom’s obnoxiously loud snoring. We were allowed to return home at about 3:00 in the morning after the warning was degraded to advisory status. I was elated that God had spared the State of Hawaii again after a close call in 2011 when a tsunami destroyed part of Japan and was able to sleep well that morning knowing that we were safe. Later on, I found out that people refused to evacuate from their homes that were in the danger zone because they believed that the tsunami would not come. They were right but I don’t think it was very smart of them to gamble their life or family on the belief that a disaster might not occur. If it had happened, they would have died because of their stupidity and carelessness. I think all disasters are to be taken seriously because it can creep up at you and surprise you when you least expect it. After that close call, you could have felt Hawaii release its breath and say”Whew! That was Close!!” 


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Bully Awareness

A very important issue that is affecting everyone globally is bullying in general. It is an issue that needs to be stopped. According to, bullying is defined as aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power and is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. I believe it is National Bullying Prevention month and I think its appropriate to address the matter. Bullying consists of three types of abuse: verbal, physical, and emotional where they all involve coercion or intimidation. There is both direct bullying, which is interaction with an individual, and indirect bullying, through social media or gossip. Since it has only started to pique researchers, parents and authority figures recently, they had separated this offence. The Anti-bullying movement had gained popularity and many projects has been formed to prevent bullying. The It Gets Better Project inspires hope for gay teens who face harassment, and the aforementioned website wants people to help by speaking out.

Suicide is a big issue and it usually results because of bullying. A study in Britain shows that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying. Phoebe Prince committed suicide in 2010 for being bullied by two groups of teenagers who attended her school in Massachusetts, Megan Meier killed herself in 2006 because of consistent cyber bullying, and Eden Wormer committed suicide after enduring years of bullying at school. The teens ages range from 12-17 which is very sad to see that this is happening at a very early age. Most kids are targeted because of their race, appearance, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc.

The whole issue of bullying has motivated many states and countries to raise awareness and encourages others to do the same to prevent the life of a person from being destroyed by hatred, anger and jealousy. They encourage us to speak up because it will make a difference. Yes, I was bullied in elementary for being too smart and quiet but I learned to speak up which showed the bully that I was no longer afraid of their threats. In my opinion, the ability to speak up and stand up for yourself helps a lot because it shows that you have control over your own life and you won’t fall under their command. However, every situation is different because they might push you to not do it again but it just means you have to work harder.

Bullying impacts the world globally where people strive to make a difference by trying to prevent it. It brings you to the lowest point in your life and allows you to accept the criticism people hit you with. There are people out there who have committed their lives to preventing this cause because they are motivated to stop it and I admire them for it. Bullying can destroy everything we love unless we stop it from happening. United, we can make a difference.


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